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We offer nationwide delivery of shuttle buses of all sizes to meet your needs and budget. Come by our office to see the best shuttle buses for sale in Kansas City.

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We Offer Nationwide Delivery of Your New Limo Bus

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The limo bus has gotten a reputation for being a party vehicle. Yet rather than dazzling you with funky colors and loud music, we offer nationwide delivery of your next vehicle. And it does not always have to be used as a party bus. Entrepreneurs in certain niches have discovered this vehicle option for their purposes.

What is a Limo Bus and Why Should You Consider the Purchase?

A limo bus is the kind of vehicle that can transport more than 10 people at a time. It is a fantastic investment for a company that operates local sightseeing routes and day trips for children, seniors and all types of organizations. Casinos rely on these vehicles to bring gamblers in from nearby cities. Doing so benefits the business as well as the passenger who is getting direct transportation to a favorite destination. If your current shuttle is outdated or your bus no longer offers the type of reliability your company can count on, take a closer look at our 2016 StarCraft models.

2016 StarCraft MVP: Seats 24 or 29 Passengers Respectively

Both models have a 6.8L V-10 gasoline engine and automatic transmission. The seats feature level four fabric while creature comforts include blackout windows and four 10-inch, flip-down LCD monitors. Overhead luggage compartments on both sides of the aisle offer convenient storage for purses and backpacks. The 24-passenger vehicle also offers a rear storage area. The 29-passenger limo bus features a rear door instead. Since both are current-year models, they provide you with the latest innovations in design and comfort.

We Offer Nationwide Delivery

Why buy local when you can save a bundle by buying from us? Limo buses are the kinds of vehicles that the majority of dealerships do not carry. While occasionally there may be a used model on a local dealer’s lot, you cannot rely on chance when your fleet needs an upgrade. Although we are located in the Kansas City area, we know that folks across this nation have a need for limo buses as well as other shuttles, buses and vans. Contact us today to find out more about these vehicles and our delivery service.

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