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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Campus Ministry Needs a Used Mini Bus

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Many a campus minister knows that transportation to conferences, outreach events and team-building outings is a hurdle for some congregants. While the church advocates a lifestyle that embraces sacrifice, which frequently includes the decision to sell a car, its funds are limited when it comes to providing transportation to events. A used mini bus might just the answer you are looking for.

There are five compelling reasons to give this purchase thorough consideration.

1. Transport up to 15 members.

By definition, a mini bus transports between 10 and 15 riders. Our 2006 Ford Starcraft bus seats 15, features overhead luggage racks and has a small storage area that is ideal for day trip equipment.

2. Include wheelchair riders.

Renting a vehicle that offers accommodations for at least two wheelchairs is difficult. When you buy a 2008 Ford 350 Starcraft, you seat 12 passengers and provide accommodations for two wheelchair riders. The vehicle comes equipped with a Ricon WC lift.

3. Offer creature comforts while on the road.

No matter the weather, ensure that your campus ministry stays comfortably warm or cool. Case in point is the 1993 Ford E-350 that seats nine and offers a wheelchair spot as well. Equipped with a Braun wheelchair lift, this model comes with front and rear heating and air conditioning.

4. Present your ministry in style.

Sure, there is not really a competition between campus ministries, but if there were one, the 2004 Ford Startrans handicap bus would let you come out ahead. Seating 12 and accommodating two wheelchair positions, this used mini bus is white with attractive green graphics. It also features a chrome front bumper and grill as well as stainless steel wheel inserts. Set aside a few dollars for vinyl lettering, and everyone will recognize you when you roll up.

5. Widen your outreach.

In the past, you may have been limited to local venues. When you invest in a 2001 Chevy 3500 Diamond, you can take some members of your campus ministry to outlying schools and set up Bible studies and outreach projects. For guests who want to return with you to attend a church service, you will have ample room in the 12-passenger vehicle that also offers space for two wheelchair riders. Contact us today to learn more about this used mini bus or any other vehicle from our inventory.


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