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What Every Facility Manager Should Know About Senior Living Activity Buses

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Are you on the fence about adding senior living activity buses to your amenities? Perhaps you consider that the availability of onsite classes and activities is sufficient to suit residents. Then again, you may figure that folks who really want to go offsite to visit craft fairs, movie theaters or special events could do so with their own vehicles. You may be wrong.

Driving Fatalities Increase at Age 75

AAA has compiled statistics that show a notable increase in driving-related fatalities involving those over the age of 75. The figure spikes after reaching the age of 80. In fact, fatality rates are 17 times higher when compared to other demographics, excluding teenagers. Seniors know that their risk of suffering severe injuries or even death is elevated. They may therefore be far more reluctant to use a personal vehicle for day trips and other outings. Providing residents of your community with a bus is therefore a good solution that is also a marketable amenity.

Used or New Buses Fit any Budget

There are plenty of vehicles that would be an ideal fit for your community.

  • 2016 Starcraft handicap shuttle bus. The vehicle seats 12 travelers and accommodates two wheelchair riders. Mid-back seats feature seat belts, which is an excellent feature for travelers worried about safety.
  • 2000 Ford Diamond handicap bus. Seating 12 passengers, the bus features one wheelchair position. Mid-back bench seats with seat belts and a gray rubber floor ensure safety.
  • 1993 Ford E-350 bus. Smaller senior living communities appreciate the compact nine-passenger bus that accommodates one wheelchair traveler. Mid-back seats with seat belts, a ribbed rubber aisle and grab handles on the aisle seats make traveling comfortable and safe.

If we have inspired you to take another look at the purchase of senior living activity buses, contact us for more information on the various models that would be ideal for your business.

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