Detainee and Prisoner Transport Vehicles

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Inmate, prisoner buses and detainee transportation buses can be challenging. At Mid America Coach, we have prisoner transport vehicles for sale that offer secure, safe, economical and customizable detainee transportation, tailored to your needs, budget and application.

We offer a wide variety of new model shuttle buses built to your specifications that can range from 8 to 45-passenger vehicles. With flexible floor plans including integrated guard positions, lavatories and handicap accessibility, we’re sure to meet your unique requirements.

Our detainee and prisoner transport vehicles are built to specification for all government and private correctional facilities across the country. At Mid America Coach, you’ll find our prisoner transportation vehicles all include:

  • Quality Welded Steel Body Construction
  • 15 to 42 Passenger Models Available
  • Open or Segregated Floor Plan Options
  • Prompt Delivery Schedules
Financing – Mid America Coach also offers you access to several competitive lending and leasing agents familiar with the corrections market, both in the public as well as private sectors. Our customers have indicated that both the rates and terms rank among the best in the industry.

And we can work with you to develop a customized vehicle to meet your budget and specific needs. Personalized options include:

  • Weapon Storage Cabinets and Lockable Gun Racks
  • Belly Cargo Compartments (not available on all models)
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • External Lighting Systems
  • Safety Features like Window and Light Covers
  • Security Cameras, Video, Wireless Internet and GPS Monitoring
  • Floor Washout Ports for Easy Cleaning
  • Passenger Containment and Restraint Systems
  • Enclosed Seating Pods
  • Tear Gas Ports
  • Secure Metal Window Covers
  • Air Conditioning and Heat to Fit Your Climate Needs

Each prisoner transport vehicle for sale is custom made to your specifications, call us for information and pricing, we’re happy to help.