Interested in buying a new or used shuttle bus?

We offer nationwide delivery of shuttle buses of all sizes to meet your needs and budget. Come by our office to see the best shuttle buses for sale in Kansas City.

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Looking to add a valuable asset to your business? We have used buses for sale

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Buying a used vehicle is much easier and affordable than purchasing brand new. We have used buses for sale that would make great shuttles for hotels, casinos, entertainment districts, and more. A shuttle bus is a valuable asset that attracts new business such as weddings, corporate events, destination tours, and other special gatherings.

Based in Kansas City, we offer a wide range of models available including Starcraft, Champion, and Ameritrans buses. Our friendly and informed team can assist you in finding the perfect model that will best suit your needs. This remains true even if you are looking to accommodate a particular capacity, or seeking specific features such as wheel chair accessibility. Since 2001, we have specialized in shuttle buses and our reputation is that of a top-notch company valuing integrity and quality.

All buses that come to us are thoroughly inspected, and any repairs are taken care of immediately. Because we only offer quality products that meet our high standards and earn our stamp of approval, you can rest assured that your transaction will be free of headaches and concerns about performance or longevity. Thanks to our high attention to detail during our refurbishing process, you won’t even be able to tell that our buses have ever been used before. Leave the worries of repairing a used vehicle to us. When you drive off the lot in one of our shuttle buses, you’ll create quite a splash. The ability to offer group transportation with ease will change the ways you do business.

Contact us to find out additional information on current models available.

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There’s No Need to be Limited to Local Shuttle Bus Availability – We Offer Nationwide Delivery!

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Finding the perfect shuttle bus can be a challenge for several reasons. There may be difficulty in finding the right size, locating one that can handle mobility scooters, or getting one that has room for wheelchairs. When one is found, you may find that it is being sold several states away from your location.

It used to be that buying a bus from far away meant either taking a long road trip or doing without. This isn’t the case when you buy a shuttle bus from us. Here at Mid America Coach, we offer nationwide delivery of the majority of our stock. This makes buying one of our buses simple even if you’re far from our Kansas City location.

Our buses are available in sizes that can carry up to 45 passengers, so there’s no need to make do with one that doesn’t perfectly suit your needs. We have plenty of makes and models, such as Starcraft, Honda Braun, Champion, and Ameritrans. Most have room for at least one wheelchair, and we also have some with Harmon scooter lifts. Scooter lifts allow buses to take powered mobility scooters onboard, so they’re great for buses that will be used as senior shuttles.

We offer the sale of new and used buses nationwide. These are great for use as hotel shuttles, care facility shuttles, and social group transportation. Mid America Coach also sells new and used buses suitable for prisoner transportation. These buses are great additions to community service programs, work programs, and other such activity-based programs. Our stock of used buses is always changing, so if we don’t have the bus you need right away, just call again a week or so later. Chances are good that we’ll have the one you need ready to be delivered anywhere in the country.

Just contact us to learn more about nationwide delivery for our new or used buses. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to run your organization with the right transportation at hand!

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy about Buying a Used Bus for Sale

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You don’t want to be worried when buying a used bus for sale, but how do you actually go about doing that? Here are a few ways that will help you be less worried and a whole lot more happy about the whole affair. (more…)

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Do you have a big parking lot? Shuttles can be the answer.

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Anyone who has gone to a summertime event or a popular attraction in which the only available parking was a good distance away can tell you that parking lot shuttles from Starcraft or Champion Bus can help mean the difference between enjoying the experience or staying home. Far away parking is even more essential for those with impaired mobility. Keep your customers’ needs in mind from start to finish by providing transport to and from the parking lot.

Mid America Coach provides a number of new and used options for parking shuttles. You can have a choice of Ford or Chevrolet chassis, gasoline or diesel engines (Chevy only), heat and air to fit your climate and needs large or small AC and heating units. There are also a number of seat configurations to choose from, upholstery choices, as well as options in regard to audio and visual offerings. Our shuttles come with complete safety packages, automatic transmissions, and easy entry. We have smaller models that start at carry 8 to 10 passengers as well as larger commercial models that can carry up to 40 passengers. All of our shuttles can be built to be are ADA compliant.

If you look through our extensive inventory and don’t find the vehicle you’re searching for, we have the ability to order it for you. We can also work with you to get a completely customized shuttle with additional features or graphics. Mid America Coach can help you access a number of competitive lending and leasing agents, should you need financing for your shuttle.

Now is a great time to give your customers the added benefit of parking lot transport. Mid America Coach can help. Contact us today for more information.

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Shuttle buses for sale: Take a look at Ameritrans

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When it comes to finding shuttle buses for sale, deciding which bus to buy is a big decision. There are different producers and different models. There are different options and different sizes. If you’re looking for more than just a typical bus, take a look at what Ameritrans has to offer.

Founded in 1998, Ameritrans produces small to mid-sized transport vehicles from a 40,000 square-foot facility in Elkhart, Indiana. Ameritrans prides itself on its quality, high-end curb appeal, and a design that keeps comfort at the forefront. It’s all about choices with Ameritrans: The company believes in providing plenty of options — both in the standard layout of its popular models — as well as a custom layout to suit the individual needs of the organizations who use its buses. ADA access and rear luggage space are also available on all Ameritrans models. Ameritrans builds on the Ford E350, E450 and F550 chassis, the Dodge Ram 5500 chassis, featuring the Cummins TurboDiesel engine, and the Freightliner M2 chassis. All Ameritrans Buses feature co-pilot seats and doors for added driver comfort and safety.

Ameritrans serves the church, school, shuttle service, tour & charter, and retirement communities with vehicles that transport anywhere from 12 to 47 passengers. Everything from the body construction to the powertrain to the suspension and beyond is designed with comfort in mind. Ameritrans also supplies specialty vehicles, including prisoner transport, medical testing and mobile X-ray labs, corporate and executive shuttle buses and Jazz Limo buses.

Mid America Coach has a number of quality new and used buses and vans available, including a 24 passenger plus rear luggage Ameritrans model and, for those who need parts and service for their Ameritrans bus, we offer that , nationwide delivery and financing as well. For more information or to talk about what you’re looking for in a transport vehicle, contact us.

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Starcraft shuttle buses: Dependable and affordable

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If you’re looking at shuttle buses and wondering which kind to buy, consider buying Starcraft shuttle buses. Starcraft is the largest shuttle bus producer in the country, featuring welded steel cage construction and a number of different models that seat up to 45 passengers.

The company began making shuttle buses in 1988, with its first prototype, the Allstar. Have received a good reception with their initial endeavor in the shuttle bus industry, Starcraft went on to make other models of commercial shuttle buses. In 2001, the growing company was acquired by Forest River — a well known manufacturer of recreational vehicles.

Forest River was acquired in 2005 by Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway. This acquisition, and the financial power behind it, enabled the Starcraft product list to grow even further. In 2008, the company also began making school buses and is now one of America’s fastest growing school bus producers as well.

Starcraft Bus serves a number of markets, including hotels, churches, retirement centers, tour operators, schools, daycares, and all aspects of public and private transportation. The company is proud to offer ADA compliant buses built on Ford, GM, and International chassis. The company is also QVM and ISO certified — both designations of quality in their operations.

Mid America Coach is a distributor of Starcraft shuttle buses. We have several new and used models for sale. Additionally, we offer routine maintenance and repair on all Starcraft small to mid-sized buses.

If you’re looking to buy a shuttle bus this summer, get quality and affordability from a name you can trust. For more information about our Starcraft inventory and other ADA compliant buses that we have available, contact us.

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College Buses For Sale By Mid America Coach

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Looking for college buses for sale? Are the vans you’re using for student transportation getting old enough that it’s time to plan on replacing them? Are you wondering if there’s a better alternative for a transport vehicle? Are you less than enthusiastic with the selections available to you from your local dealerships? Colleges and universities across the nation are turning to Mid America Coach to solve their transportation issues, replacing the 15 passenger vans with similar sized buses such as the Starcraft Starquest.

Why Mid America Coach? Because we offer nationwide delivery and plenty of options for size, comfort, and value. Whether you’re using your transportation for activities that involve long road trips or for shuttle trips around the university grounds, we’re sure to have something that fits your needs and your budget.

Why buses instead of passenger vans? Because buses meet all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and come with full FMVSS rollover protection certification that you don’t have with a 15 passenger van. They also feature a larger GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), starting at 11,500 pound capacity versus the 9,100 pound GVWR found in a Forde 15 passenger van. Mid America Coach offers a full line of shuttle buses from Ameritrans, Champion, and Starcraft, all built on the Ford E-350 and E-450 chassis; capable of handling up to 25 passengers with ease and comfort. Larger seating needs, up to 33 passengers, can be handled with the Ford F550 chassis. And the Ford F650 will give you up to 45 passenger seating configurations. International and Freightliner chassis are also available for the over 25 passenger needs.

Finally, if you need your college buses to be wheelchair accessible to ensure ADA compliance, Mid America Coach can help. Since 2001, Mid America Coach has been supplying small to mid-sized shuttle buses to Colleges and Universities across the country.

For more information about college buses, nationwide delivery, or mobility solutions, contact us.

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Senior Living Mini Buses Increase Quality of Life

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Investing in senior living mini buses is essential for your senior living complex. Older adults can benefit from buses for many reasons.

A senior living mini bus can increase the sense of community in your senior living complex. Residents can bond with each other while the bus is transporting them. Residents and the driver can bond. This may make your employees seem more approachable to the residents.

The use of buses can also allow for more interesting activity planning for the residents, such as dinner theater, casinos, shopping, holiday lights, local sporting events and art museums to name a few. Unlike carpooling, buses will ease your resident’s fears and liability from driving about town.

Many seniors live in senior living arrangements due to the need for accessibility. Seniors can have their own unique mobility problems. By offering a bus with a wheelchair lift capability, you can make your senior living complex desirable to a wide variety of seniors.

Seniors have many places that they need to go. Just getting out to the grocery store or mall can be a day changer for them. The ability to get out and change their surroundings can lead to a happier senior living facility.

Seniors, even without mobility problems, are sure to like the convenience the bus provides. Many people just would prefer to be driven rather than drive themselves.

Please feel free to contact us for any of your senior living activity bus needs. Mid America Coach offers a wide variety of vehicles that will fit the many functions and demands that will benefit your senior living facility. From the Braun ADA Entervan, an excellent choice for doctor’s trips or individual hospital runs, to the Starcraft Allstar, the workhorse of the industry, to the larger Champion Defender line, Mid America Coach has vehicles ranging from 2 to 45 passengers and everything in between. Don’t be surprised if once you introduce buses, applications for your property increase!

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Nationwide Delivery For Shuttle Bus & Mini Buses for Internet Buyers

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In today’s economy, finding affordable transportation can be difficult, at best. You may have exhausted every potential lead, only to find the price, or the product, is not on par with what you are looking for. And if you are operating a business, or organization that offers transportation to its customers, students or church members, a more diligent search for vehicles that offer comfort as well as safety is paramount.

While searching local areas seem to make more sense, there is an alternative. With the availability of the internet, there’s good reason to enlarge your search area for just the right vehicle. Here at Mid America Coach, we offer nationwide delivery for internet buyers on all our new and used shuttle buses, right to your door, wherever you live within the U.S.

We have a variety of shuttle buses, perfect for church groups, retirement homes, and universities, to name just a few. Choose from a wide selection of buses that seat anywhere from 8 to 40 passengers, with optional features such as lavatories, luggage storage, and audio visual options. We have a variety of floor plans available as well, allowing for flexible seating arrangements to suit your specific needs, and our entire inventory of wheelchair equipped shuttle buses is ADA compliant, assuring safe and easy accessibility for elderly and handicapped individuals.

We offer well-established brands that include Starcraft, Champion, and Ameritrans at competitive prices, along with a variety of replacement bus parts for every need.

For more information on purchasing your next shuttle bus and our Nationwide delivery services for Internet buyers, please contact us.

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Shuttles for Casinos Lead to Happy Visitors

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DSC06550There are many reasons why shuttles for casinos are a good investment to make. Visitor’s happiness is really dependent on getting around.

Shuttles can be used at casinos directly on the property. If your casino has multiple hotels and motels in the area this can be a good way to drive more traffic. The shuttle is a rolling advertisement as well. This can attract new visitors who were not planning on going to the casino previously. There is another benefit here as well in that some of your property may be more in demand for overnight stays due to proximity to the gaming floor. If you use shuttles you can increase the likelihood of people staying at hotels further away when your closest are all booked up.

Many visitors often go to the casino to experience the whole resort experience. Using shuttles can authenticate the experience even more. Catering to your visitor’s every whim can help them stay longer. If you take care of the transportation, people will be able to visit as much as they want without becoming tired quickly.

If your casino complex is big, shuttles are essential. Getting your visitors around can lead them to new areas of the complex. If they are able to easily get to every place on the site, then they are more apt to spend money at a wide variety of your shops and on your services.

Shuttles for casinos can also be used for longer distances to encourage new areas to visit your casino. Many people will enjoy the opportunity to sit back and relax instead of drive to your casino. It is a wonderful service to offer for your customer’s convenience.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on shuttles for casinos. We have a wide variety of shuttles and buses that will be sure to suit your needs. Whether your casino is big, small or has multiple locations – we will be able to help you purchase however many shuttles you require.

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