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Mid America Coach: Your Place for Prisoner Transport Buses

Blog | Prisoner Transport Vans

prison-busThose in the business of transporting prisoners have very specific needs. Prisoner transport buses must not only be secure, but also safe, handicap accessible, and economical. Mid America Coach knows and understands this. That’s why, when it comes to buying your buses, we’re the ones you can turn to.

Our new model shuttle buses — which can be delivered nationwide — are fully customizable to government or private correctional facility specifications and can carry 8-45 passengers. Our prisoner transport buses come with quality welded steel body construction and can have either open or segregated floor plans. Some of the personalized options available include integrated guard positions; lavatories; weapon storage cabinets and locked gun racks; belly cargo compartments; wheelchair accessibility; external lighting systems; safety features that include secure metal window covers; security cameras, wireless internet, video, and GPS monitoring; enclosed seating pods and passenger containment and restraint systems; tear gas ports; and much more.

For more than thirty years, Mid America Coach has been the go-to source for specialized small and mid-sized buses, including those used for prisoner transport. Each prisoner transport bus is made to the specific order of the requesting agency, and therefore such vehicles are not carried in stock and cannot be purchased “off the shelf.” However, your needs will be well served with our prompt delivery service and we can even help you find financing in order to obtain the funds necessary to purchase your customized prisoner transport bus. For more information or to talk about your prisoner transport needs, contact us today.

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A Quick Guide to Detention Transport Buses

Blog | Prisoner Transport Vans

prison-busIf you’re looking for detention transport buses, you probably know that simply buying an “off the shelf” transport bus is not a very viable option. Every correctional facility has different requirements and the old standby, a used school bus with bars on the windows, probably doesn’t meed those needs very adequately. Either it’s too large, isn’t secure enough, isn’t economical, or doesn’t provide the features you’re looking for. In addition, Federal and State requirements for a prisoner transport bus have become more stringent and must be considered when considering the purchase of a new vehicle.

For over 30 years, Mid America Coach has specialized in the sales and services of all types of small and mid-sized bus markets, including detention transport buses. Each detainee and prisoner bus we sell is custom made to meet the needs of each individual customer. At Mid America Coach, we are proud of our record of prompt delivery schedules and can even help you find financing, with some of the best rates and terms available in the industry. While all our detainee and prisoner buses feature quality welded steel construction, there are a number of customizable options available, such as:

  • Weapon Cabinets/Gun Racks
  • Belly Cargo Compartments
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • External Lights
  • Security Cameras, Video, Wireless Internet and GPS Monitoring
  • Floor Drains
  • Passenger Restraint Systems
  • Enclosed Seating Pods
  • Tear Gas Ports
  • Secure Window Covers
  • Open or Segregated Floor Plans
  • 8 to 45 Passenger Capacity

As with any equipment, your detainee and prisoner bus will require proper maintenance to protect your investment. Mid America Coach offers a full line of prompt, economical repair and preventative maintenance services for your bus. With Mid America Coach, you can confidently purchase and maintain a detainee and prisoner bus that has been custom made to meet the particular needs of your organization.

Please contact us so we can help you meet your needs for detention transport buses and new or used shuttle buses.

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Putting Prisoners to Work Using Secure Prisoner Transport Vans

Blog | Prisoner Transport Vans | Shuttle Buses

prison-busRecent years have seen a decline in the economy and loss of jobs, which is often related to an increase in the rate of non-violent or property crimes. According to an article in the Huffington Post, inmates who are considered low-risk may benefit from “the Inmate Work, Education, and Responsibility Curriculum Act (I-WERC), HR 4458, which would provide grants to state and local corrections facilities to create a 40-hour work week for prisoners to pursue responsible activities”. These work programs would include educational opportunities, community service projects, and jobs for private companies. The question is how the prisoners will be transported to the locations to complete their training or job duties…

Prisoner transport buses are useful for getting inmates from one institutional setting to another, but they are also beneficial for work related programs. They are visible in most Kansas City communities already where inmates are used for roadside maintenance or cleanup. Prisoners who are involved in these programs are considered low risk but still need supervision and secure transport.

How are these prisoner transport vans equipped for safety? The unique needs for inmate transport require specialized considerations, including:

  • Easy-to-clean seating, flooring, and headliners
  • Powder coated mesh window screens
  • Solid door covers in the passenger area
  • Integrated lap and shoulder belts
  • Removal of interior door handles
  • The option of isolated seating
  • Partitioned steel drivers area with Plexi spit guards
  • Steel, reinforced seat frames that can be bolted to the floor
  • Radio control and GPS systems
  • Emergency equipment and weapons storage

The needs of prisoner transport vans are dependent on the use of the vehicle and the level of security needed during transport. The falling economy has also left shortfalls in local law enforcement budgets. Consideration of pre-owned transport vans that can be retrofitted with the necessary equipment is an option that is growing in appeal. The greater Kansas City area is home to Mid America Coach, a company specializing in both new and pre-owned transport vehicles. The friendly staff is happy to provide advice on how to best design a vehicle that will suit both your needs and your budget. We invite you to learn more about how we can help you with your prisoner transport vehicle needs by contacting us.

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