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Harmar Scooter Carrier In Kansas City

Blog | Personal Mobility

Are you looking for a scooter carrier or wheelchair lift, but you don’t wish to purchase a new vehicle? When it comes to obtaining wheelchair lifts and scooter carriers in Kansas City, we’re pleased to be the local dealer for Harmar Lifts. Harmar is world renown for providing quality, performance and ease of use that surpasses even our strict standards.

According to the Harmar website, the company began when Chad Williams bought a small vehicle lift company in 1998. Five years later, the company had experienced 2,200 percent growth and had earned the number 60 spot in Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing private companies in America. It was also named the second fastest growing manufacturer. A year later, in 2004, it was named the world’s largest manufacturer of outside vehicle lifts.

By 2010, 12 years after the business began, Harmar had experienced a lifetime growth rate of 10,000 percent. A typical Harmar scooter carrier include both inside and outside lifts for vans and SUVs, as well as truck lifts for flatbed installations, hybrid lifts, and micro lifts for automobiles.

Mid America Coach can offer you a professional consultation in order to ensure that you’re getting the right lift for your vehicle. We also offer professional installation, complete with warranty support and service. Often, we are able to install your carrier and have your vehicle back to you in the same day. Do note that many vehicle manufacturers offer cash reimbursement for the installation of adaptive equipment on any new vehicle purchase or lease. Check the website of your vehicle’s manufacturer or call them to find out if your installation qualifies.

For more information on Harmar scooter carriers or wheelchair lifts or any of the other products and services we offer, contact us.

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Your source for Harmar scooter lifts in Kansas City

Mobility News | Personal Mobility

wheelchair and scooter liftIf your unique needs require the installation of adaptive equipment on your vehicle, including scooter lifts, we can help. Mid America Coach is your source for Harmar scooter lifts in Kansas City.

Many automobile manufacturers offer mobility programs that will reimburse you for the installation of adaptive equipment, including Harmar scooter lifts. Made in the USA by a leading maker of mobility products and accessibility solutions, these lifts exceed our strict standards in terms of quality. Harmar products are designed to operate with very little maintenance.

Some of the Harmar products that we are able to install include inside or outside lifts for vans and SUVs, truck lifts for flatbed installations, hybrid, and micro lifts for vehicles. Additionally, Mid America Coach offers a full warranty on lifts, as well as service and support. Usually, there is same-day installation on Harmar scooter lifts, meaning you’ll have your vehicle back and be on the road with your new lift quickly.

Harmar offers more than just one solution for your mobility needs. Through professional consultation, the authorized Harmar dealers at Mid America Coach are able to assist you in understanding the various features of each model that may work for you so that you will have the best lift for your own specific needs.

Mid America Coach has been providing mobility solutions in the Kansas City area for more than 30 years. For more information on Harmar scooter lifts or the other products and services that Mid America Coach provides, visit us at our Kansas City showroom or contact us today.

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Braun Wheelchair Vans For Sale

Blog | Handicapped Minivans | Personal Mobility | Wheelchair Van

2006 buick 024Whether you or a loved one, members of your church or senior living home, or clients of your limo/shuttle service rely on a wheelchair for personal mobility, there is no reason they should put up with restricted automotive mobility! If you are in the market for a top quality wheelchair equiped van, you are in luck because Mid America Coach has Braun wheelchair vans for sale.

At Mid America, our reputation depends on a long list of satisfied customers and to keep that list growing, we carry only the best. BraunAbility is the leading manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vans in the United States, which is exactly why we’ve partnered with them. In addition to relying on top-quality Braun lifts, our 30 years of experience in the business mean we know the common problems with used vans and we avoid them for you. When it comes time for maintenance or repair, from tires to upholstery to lifts, we have you covered, both for parts and labor.

While our inventory is constantly changing, we maintain a steady inventory of:

  • Medical transportation vans (non-emergency)
  • Personal-use/lowered-floor minivans
  • Full-sized wheelchair vans (Ford only)
  • Wheelchair shuttle buses (if you’re in the market for something bigger)

These vans come from the major manufacturers–Ford, Honda, Chrysler, Dodge, or Toyota–and are available in a wide range of options, such as trim, color, upholstery, lift styles, and price points. So whether you want to purchase a fine used wheelchair accessible van or want to create a van customized just for you, Mid America can help you bring that dream to life. We’ll help you select from our inventory of Braun Wheelchair vans for sale or for lease, which ever works better for your budget.

You deserve to be as mobile as you want. Don’t let a wheelchair stop you from enjoying being on the road, seeing friends and family, and enjoying the majestic scenery of this great country. If you’re ready to hit the road in your own stylish, safe, and sensible wheelchair accessible van, please contact us so we can help you get your freedom back!

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Scooter Lifts Offer Kansas City Residents Freedom to Travel

Blog | Mobility News | Personal Mobility

wheelchair and scooter liftScooters are a great way for the disabled or those that have trouble getting around to regain their freedom of navigating their home and property easily. They are however troublesome to transport as they are heavy and most don’t have a vehicle equipped to load it. A scooter lift is the ideal solution as it offers easy in-and-out lifting that can be successfully achieved by almost anyone.


Consumers with passenger cars do not need to go out and buy a larger van or SUV to accommodate their mobility scooter. Microlifts such as the Harmar AL055 work with specifically designed scooters that fold to allow for them to be placed within the trunk for storage and require no lifting from the user. The scooter is lifted out and lowered back to the ground where it can be reassembled to use wherever you want to go.

Vans and SUVs

Owners of Vans and SUVS have two options with inside and outside type scooter lifts. The inside lifts mounts within the vehicle and lifts the scooter up and into the back storage area while traveling. Outside lifts like the Harmar universal scooter lift, are designed to drive the scooter onto. This external platform then lifts up so you can safely drive with the scooter up and away from the roadway. These are both viable options with the external lift allowing for the vehicles storage area to be available for use.


 Scooter lifts can be installed for Kansas City residents in one or two business days with minimal fabrication to your vehicle. They are built from high quality materials and are highly dependable so you don’t have to worry about your scooter becoming stranded somewhere. Many manufactures offer reimbursement programs on qualified lifts installed on their new vehicles which offsets the cost to the consumer.

If you would like more information on installing a scooter lift on your current vehicle, please contact us.

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Toyota or Dodge: Choosing a Handicap Van for Sale in Kansas City

Handicapped Minivans | Personal Mobility

Unrestricted mobility is a major factor when deciding what model van to buy. A new Dodge handicap minivan for sale looks sleek and is ADA-compliant, but a new Toyota van comes with a power fold-out ramp. Which model is the right one for you?

Toyota Sienna

10872 001Featuring an automatic transmission and a 3.5L V-6 engine, the Toyota Sienna Handicap Van seats five passengers and offers one wheelchair position. The van comes with a Braun Rampvan conversion kit that gives it power sliding doors and a power ramp-side entry. A back-up camera and power rear hatch complete the conversion details. The driver enjoys the luxuries of power steering, four-wheel power disc brakes, power mirrors and a power seat. Nineteen-inch alloy wheels and an attractive gray color round out the appearance of the van.


Dodge ADA Handicap Minivan

DSC06346Powering this automatic-transmission vehicle is a 3.6L V-6 engine. Seating five and offering one wheelchair position, the van is ADA compliant. It features Altro non-slip flooring and a manual ramp. Side doors, too, may be operated manually. There is a back-up alarm that alerts the driver to obstacles. Power steering, power door locks, alloy wheels and privacy glass make this a van that is comfortable to operate and attractive.



Safety and Comfort

Choosing between these two models may be a tall order. Both the Toyota and the Dodge handicap van are equipped with safety features that come into play when boarding and when maneuvering the vans in heavy traffic. Rubberized flooring prevents slips and falls in the Toyota. Altro non-slip flooring is the choice for the Dodge.

The selection between backup alarm and camera depends on your preference. The typically visual learner will appreciate the Toyota’s camera while the auditory learner may prefer the back-up alarm that comes with the Dodge. Ample interior room makes both vehicles comfortable for the wheelchair rider as well as the passengers occupying the seats.

It is clear that working with personal mobility experts is crucial in the decision-making process. Whether you want to choose a Toyota or Dodge handicap van for sale, consult with the seasoned professionals at Mid America Coach. We have more than 30 years of experience with helping folks in and around the Kansas City area reclaim their freedom through mobility. Contact us today to take a look at both models and find out – hands-on – which model suits your needs the best.

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3 Tips to Follow When Buying a Wheelchair Van for Sale

Blog | Mobility News | Personal Mobility

Handicapped minivan

Wheelchair accessible minivan

It is possible to save money when you are looking to buy a wheelchair van for sale. Depending on the number of wheelchair riders, the number of passengers who will usually accompany them and also an owner’s willingness to rely on a brand name’s solid reputation, there are suitable options for all buyers.

  • Buy a new wheelchair minivan for the lengthy warranty period. Buying a new van is always the best option. For example, a 2012 Toyota Sienna Handicap Van offers spacious room for five passengers plus one wheelchair. Its automatic transmission, 3.5 L V-6 engine and power fold-out ramp make this van easy to drive and operate. A Braun ramp van conversion package with power ramp-side entry makes it easy for all passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. Since you will enjoy the full length of the manufacturer warranty on this motor vehicle, it is a good solution for the buyer who intends to hold on to the van for a while.
  • Used wheelchair minivans are less expensive alternatives to new vehicles. Accommodating five passengers and one wheelchair rider, the 2012 Grand Caravan or 2007 Toyota Sienna handicap vans are good choices for the discerning buyer. Another option is a 2006 Pontiac Montana handicap van. All these vehicles feature an automatic transmission and offer a variety of power options. They are in excellent condition and easy on the wallet.
  • Used commercial wheelchair vans are cost-effective solutions for multiple riders. Case in point is the 1999 Dodge Ram Wheelchair Van that accommodates seven riders and two wheelchair passengers. A raised roof provides added comfort while the 5.9 L V-6 engine and automatic transmission make operation of this vehicle easy. Power steering and power brakes provide additional safety on the road. This particular model uses the Braun Millennium wheelchair lift as part of the conversion detail.

Searching for a wheelchair van for sale? Mid America Coach experts are well versed in the differences between the various wheelchair vans currently for sale. All our minivans have BraunAbility wheel chair van conversions for handicap use. We price our used vehicles based on age, mileage and overall condition. Contact us today to discuss the features and amenities of these vans. A friendly transportation expert can make your next wheelchair van purchase quick, easy and stress-free.

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Mid America Coach partners with Adapt Solutions

Blog | Miscellaneous | Mobility News | Personal Mobility

Contact:  Peter Beren, President, Mid America Coach

Phone: 816.734.5000

October 24, 2012

Mid America Coach of Kansas City, Missouri has entered into an agreement with Adapt Solutions of Saint-Lambert, Quebec to offer Adapt Solutions’ products and services to modify customer’s vehicles for personal mobility needs.

Adapt Solutions serves the mobility industry with innovative solutions for gaining access to vehicles.  Made with simplicity and safety as paramount, Adapt Solutions products make entering and exiting a vehicle easier for physically challenged individuals.

Since 2001, Mid America Coach has provided excellence in the sales and service of small and mid-sized shuttle buses as well as personal wheelchair accessible vans. Participate in all life offers by having the right vehicle to give you the freedom of mobility.

According to Peter Beren, President, “This provides a strategic balance in the products that we offer to our customers.”

For more information on Mid America Coach or Adapt Solutions’ products, click here


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Federal agencies speak out on passenger van use

Mobility News | Personal Mobility

WASHINGTON, D.C — Officials from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sent a letter today to all 50 states’ motor vehicle administrators to remind them that 12- or 15-passenger vans should not be used to transport students.

In the joint letter, David Strickland, NHTSA administrator, and Anne S. Ferro, FMCSA administrator, state that pre-primary, elementary and secondary schools should not use these vans to transport children because they do not provide the same level of safety as school buses meeting NHTSA’s safety standards. They also remind DMV commissioners that federal law prohibits the sale or lease of a new 12- or 15-passenger van if it will be used to transport students.

Moreover, Strickland and Ferro cite recent fatal crashes in New York state and Georgia involving 15-passenger vans that resulted in the deaths of 10 people and injuries to many other occupants as evidence for the need to improve the safe operation of these vehicles.

The agencies’ safety data indicate that 9-, 12- and 15-passenger vans are often inadequately maintained and the tires are vulnerable to deterioration as they age. The vehicles also display sensitivity to rollovers, particularly when they are fully loaded.

NHTSA and the FMCSA have undertaken an outreach strategy to van owners to improve the safety of the vehicles, and Strickland and Ferro ask the nation’s DMV commissioners for assistance.

They request that the commissioners send a NHTSA consumer advisory to every registered owner of a 9- 12- and 15-passenger van in their states, along with a letter that explains what owners of these vans should do to improve their safety and stability.

To read Strickland’s and Ferro’s other requests to DMV commissioners, click here.

The National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) supports federal law and NHTSA’s regulations that prohibit the sale or lease of new 12- or 15-passenger vans if they will be used to transport students, and also concurs with the statement in today’s letter that pre-primary, elementary, and secondary schools should not use these vans for transporting students.

NASDPTS distributed Strickland’s and Ferro’s letter to the nation’s state directors of pupil transportation and encouraged them to forward it to others who may be involved in decisions about vehicles used for student transportation.

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