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Wheelchair Van for Sale: How to Choose a Model that is Right for You

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There is more to buying a handicap minivan than simply visiting your local dealership and then picking from the rows upon rows of vehicles the one wheelchair van for sale that strikes your fancy. Instead, functionality is usually the first concern. Even there, specialized needs, tastes, and preferences can make model selection tricky. It does not have to be this way.

Are You a Driver or a Passenger?

It sounds like an odd question, but consider that the 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Handicap Minivan lets you remove the front seats to take the driving position in a wheelchair. The 2013 Honda Odyssey Handicap Minivan offers step and roll seating, which makes the removal even easier.

Do You Have a Limited Budget?

For the car buyer who does not mind paying extra for a new vehicle, there is the 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan ADA Handicap Minivan. The Braun conversion features a manual ramp that leads up to the side entry, Altro non-slip flooring and all the creature comforts and style points you would expect from a new model.

If you do not mind dialing back the looks a little for savings, a 2013 Honda Odyssey Handicap Minivan may be a good choice. Although plenty of late-model conveniences, it is a used van with a little wear. If you are flexible on the color and similar details, this choice can net you appreciable savings.

Do You Prefer Side or Rear Entry Models?

The van that we just discussed offers a manual rear entry ramp. Entering and exiting the vehicle is safe and comfortable in a mall parking lot where the reserved parking spots are rarely available. In contrast, the 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Braun handicap minivan comes with a power fold out ramp and power sliding doors that allow for side entry. Choosing this model lets you park the van anywhere and still safely exit and enter from the side.

Getting Help

Contact us today to discuss our new and used vans. When you are in the market for a wheelchair van for sale, it is frequently helpful to discuss your needs, likes and dislikes with an experienced representative who can help you choose the vehicle that is right for you.

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Used Wheelchair Minivans in Kansas City Make Great Gifts of Mobility for Moms

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If getting around is difficult for mom without her wheelchair, taking her out for Mother’s Day is next to impossible without a handicap van. When the costs of the new models prove to be prohibitive, why not take a closer look at our used wheelchair minivans in Kansas City.

2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Handicap Minivan

This vehicle seats five and offers one wheelchair position. Its 3.3-liter, V-6 engine makes it fun to drive. The sleek, silver exterior pairs well with the gray interior. Remove the front seats if needed. Mom enters via the side on a power ramp. This van is an excellent vehicle for a larger family who enjoys frequent outings together.

2006 Chevrolet Uplander Braun Wheelchair Van

A smaller family can comfortably make do with this four-seater with one wheelchair position. The 3.9-liter, V-6 gasoline engine, automatic transmission and power sliding passenger door are creature comforts you commonly associate with newer model vans. The Braun side entry conversion features a power fold-out wheelchair ramp. The van’s kneeling system and tall door height are big pluses when traveling with a wheelchair-bound rider.

2013 Honda Odyssey Handicap Minivan

Choose this vehicle to seat four passengers and one wheelchair traveler. It features a 3.5-liter, V-6 engine. Unlike the other models, this van features a rear-entry, manual ramp. Well-designed consoles and other innovative style points turn this van into an excellent family vehicle.

Contact us today to learn more about our used wheelchair minivans in Kansas City. Their affordability might make it possible to give mom the gift of mobility this Mother’s Day.

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What Every Facility Manager Should Know About Senior Living Activity Buses

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Are you on the fence about adding senior living activity buses to your amenities? Perhaps you consider that the availability of onsite classes and activities is sufficient to suit residents. Then again, you may figure that folks who really want to go offsite to visit craft fairs, movie theaters or special events could do so with their own vehicles. You may be wrong.

Driving Fatalities Increase at Age 75

AAA has compiled statistics that show a notable increase in driving-related fatalities involving those over the age of 75. The figure spikes after reaching the age of 80. In fact, fatality rates are 17 times higher when compared to other demographics, excluding teenagers. Seniors know that their risk of suffering severe injuries or even death is elevated. They may therefore be far more reluctant to use a personal vehicle for day trips and other outings. Providing residents of your community with a bus is therefore a good solution that is also a marketable amenity.

Used or New Buses Fit any Budget

There are plenty of vehicles that would be an ideal fit for your community.

  • 2016 Starcraft handicap shuttle bus. The vehicle seats 12 travelers and accommodates two wheelchair riders. Mid-back seats feature seat belts, which is an excellent feature for travelers worried about safety.
  • 2000 Ford Diamond handicap bus. Seating 12 passengers, the bus features one wheelchair position. Mid-back bench seats with seat belts and a gray rubber floor ensure safety.
  • 1993 Ford E-350 bus. Smaller senior living communities appreciate the compact nine-passenger bus that accommodates one wheelchair traveler. Mid-back seats with seat belts, a ribbed rubber aisle and grab handles on the aisle seats make traveling comfortable and safe.

If we have inspired you to take another look at the purchase of senior living activity buses, contact us for more information on the various models that would be ideal for your business.

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Add New Ford Shuttle Buses in Time for Local Earth Day Events

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Earth Day is right around the corner. When you are in the convention, guest transportation or hospitality industries, it makes sense to inspect your fleet of shuttle buses now to ensure that you have enough transportation for visitors. Of course, you do not have to wait for Earth Day to upgrade your fleet. What are your options?

  • 2016 Ford Ameritrans handicap bus. The vehicle seats 12 passengers and accommodates two wheelchair riders. The five-speed automatic operates with a 5.4-liter V-8 engine and features a 40-gallon fuel tank. Gray, padded mid-high back seats are comfortable for travelers. The Braun NCL-1000 wheel chair lift allows for safe accommodation of wheelchair passengers.
  • 2016 Ford Starcraft shuttle bus. Fifteen passengers comfortably fit onboard this shuttle. Overhead luggage as well as a rear baggage compartment make transportation of bulky items a snap. Consider this vehicle for a shuttle service that picks up or drops off at airports.
  • 2016 Starcraft Allstar MVP bus. Transport 24 passengers in a vehicle that relies on a 6.8-liter V-10 gasoline engine. Overhead and rear storage make this a great shuttle to transport a school class, sports team or non-profit group.

The advantages of adding shuttle buses now are clear. Although Earth Day is one opportunity to increase the number of passengers you transport, the summer vacation season is fast approaching. Getting your fleet fully equipped now allows you to seamlessly operate while others struggle to find transportation options. Getting a leg up on the competition has never been this easy. Contact us today to get more detailed information on the new Ford shuttle buses we offer.

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A Sum of Its Parts: Bus Information Detailing the Ford E-450 Series

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Did you know that the Ford E-Series has been steadily in production since 1961? Back in the day, the car maker intended the vehicle to become an integral part of America’s growing recreational industry. Over the decades, there has been a change in the look of some parts; bus models in the fourth generation of the E-Series share plenty of commonalities with Ford Trucks, while others are giving way to largely commercial use outfitting.

Cases in point are examples from our used shuttle bus inventory.

  • 2006 Ford Goshen 25-passenger bus. This stylish vehicle features a 6.8L V-10 gasoline engine. A white exterior complements the blue cloth fabric seats. Four-wheel anti-lock power brakes ensure safety while a chrome front bumper and grill gives the shuttle a bit of pizzazz. Treat it with a vinyl graphics and lettering job on the exterior to brand a casino or hotel.
  • 2002 Ford Goshen 21-passenger shuttle bus. This vehicle operates with a 7.3L diesel engine. Also equipped with anti-lock power brakes, it boasts stainless steel wheel inserts and a stylish blue stripe along the side. This excellent workhorse is ideal for use on a college campus during student orientations and other events requiring shuttle transports to and from parking facilities.
  • 2000 Ford Turtle Top handicap bus. Seating 12 passengers and accommodating four wheelchair riders, this is a must-have vehicle for a senior living facility or inclusive daycare venue. The shuttle uses a 6.8L V-10 gasoline engine, displays a digital destination sign and comes fully equipped with a safety package.

Contact us today to learn more about these and the many other Ford shuttle buses in our inventory.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Campus Ministry Needs a Used Mini Bus

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Many a campus minister knows that transportation to conferences, outreach events and team-building outings is a hurdle for some congregants. While the church advocates a lifestyle that embraces sacrifice, which frequently includes the decision to sell a car, its funds are limited when it comes to providing transportation to events. A used mini bus might just the answer you are looking for.

There are five compelling reasons to give this purchase thorough consideration.

1. Transport up to 15 members.

By definition, a mini bus transports between 10 and 15 riders. Our 2006 Ford Starcraft bus seats 15, features overhead luggage racks and has a small storage area that is ideal for day trip equipment.

2. Include wheelchair riders.

Renting a vehicle that offers accommodations for at least two wheelchairs is difficult. When you buy a 2008 Ford 350 Starcraft, you seat 12 passengers and provide accommodations for two wheelchair riders. The vehicle comes equipped with a Ricon WC lift.

3. Offer creature comforts while on the road.

No matter the weather, ensure that your campus ministry stays comfortably warm or cool. Case in point is the 1993 Ford E-350 that seats nine and offers a wheelchair spot as well. Equipped with a Braun wheelchair lift, this model comes with front and rear heating and air conditioning.

4. Present your ministry in style.

Sure, there is not really a competition between campus ministries, but if there were one, the 2004 Ford Startrans handicap bus would let you come out ahead. Seating 12 and accommodating two wheelchair positions, this used mini bus is white with attractive green graphics. It also features a chrome front bumper and grill as well as stainless steel wheel inserts. Set aside a few dollars for vinyl lettering, and everyone will recognize you when you roll up.

5. Widen your outreach.

In the past, you may have been limited to local venues. When you invest in a 2001 Chevy 3500 Diamond, you can take some members of your campus ministry to outlying schools and set up Bible studies and outreach projects. For guests who want to return with you to attend a church service, you will have ample room in the 12-passenger vehicle that also offers space for two wheelchair riders. Contact us today to learn more about this used mini bus or any other vehicle from our inventory.


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Choosing a Braun Wheelchair Van for Sale at Our Dealership

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BraunAbility is a respected name among accessibility experts. The company traces its roots to its founder’s personal need for assistive technology. In business for more than four decades, this company is at the forefront of the innovations that allow wheelchair passengers to ride in a broad range of vehicles. Check out a Braun wheelchair van for sale.

2006 Chevrolet Uplander

Buying a used Braun handicap minivan for sale can save you a bit of money. This model features a 3.9-liter V-6 gasoline engine. It comfortably seats four and offers room for a wheelchair rider. Access to the vehicle is convenient via the Braun side-entry conversion that features a power foldout ramp. The exterior is silver, which perfectly complements the gray leather interior.

2013 Honda Odyssey Handicap Minivan

A bit newer, this vehicle, too, seats four and offers spacious accommodations for a wheelchair passenger. Access comes via a manual rear-entry ramp with a 32-inch width. The vehicle runs with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine. It shows off an attractive silver color.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan ADA Handicap Minivan

When you are looking for a new Braun wheelchair van for sale, consider this Dodge. Under the hood, you find a 3.6-liter V-6 engine. On the interior, there is room for four passengers and two wheelchair riders. It is ADA-compliant, features a side-entry conversion and offers a manual foldout ramp. When you are in the market for a vehicle with all the bells and whistles, this is a certain contender.

Contact us today to learn more about our Braun vans or any other vehicle model we offer.

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We Offer Nationwide Delivery of Your New Limo Bus

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The limo bus has gotten a reputation for being a party vehicle. Yet rather than dazzling you with funky colors and loud music, we offer nationwide delivery of your next vehicle. And it does not always have to be used as a party bus. Entrepreneurs in certain niches have discovered this vehicle option for their purposes.

What is a Limo Bus and Why Should You Consider the Purchase?

A limo bus is the kind of vehicle that can transport more than 10 people at a time. It is a fantastic investment for a company that operates local sightseeing routes and day trips for children, seniors and all types of organizations. Casinos rely on these vehicles to bring gamblers in from nearby cities. Doing so benefits the business as well as the passenger who is getting direct transportation to a favorite destination. If your current shuttle is outdated or your bus no longer offers the type of reliability your company can count on, take a closer look at our 2016 StarCraft models.

2016 StarCraft MVP: Seats 24 or 29 Passengers Respectively

Both models have a 6.8L V-10 gasoline engine and automatic transmission. The seats feature level four fabric while creature comforts include blackout windows and four 10-inch, flip-down LCD monitors. Overhead luggage compartments on both sides of the aisle offer convenient storage for purses and backpacks. The 24-passenger vehicle also offers a rear storage area. The 29-passenger limo bus features a rear door instead. Since both are current-year models, they provide you with the latest innovations in design and comfort.

We Offer Nationwide Delivery

Why buy local when you can save a bundle by buying from us? Limo buses are the kinds of vehicles that the majority of dealerships do not carry. While occasionally there may be a used model on a local dealer’s lot, you cannot rely on chance when your fleet needs an upgrade. Although we are located in the Kansas City area, we know that folks across this nation have a need for limo buses as well as other shuttles, buses and vans. Contact us today to find out more about these vehicles and our delivery service.

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Dodge Handicap Van for Sale: Features, Styles and Good Looks

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Researching a Dodge handicap van for sale does not always begin with the manufacturing date. In fact, sometimes it is the combination of features that attracts you to a certain vehicle.

1999 Dodge Ram Handicap Van: Seats 7

With two wheelchair positions, this van offers comfortable seating for seven additional passengers. It is an ideal consideration for a business in need of a shuttle. The 5.9L V-8 gas engine makes operations affordable while the white exterior offers an ideal canvas for a vehicle wrap or graphics package that would brand and market your business. A raised roof allows for easy movement through the vehicle. The Braun Millennium lift assists wheelchair riders to access the 1999 Dodge Ram.

2003 Dodge Grand Caravan: Seats 5

This handicap minivan seats five passengers and offers one wheelchair position. Although suitable as a shuttle, it is also an excellent personal vehicle for a family. A 3.3L V-6 engine and automatic transmission make operations easy. The exterior displays an attractive silver color. To accommodate wheelchair riders, the van is equipped with a kneeling system that lowers the rear suspension for easy access.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan ADA Handicap Minivan: Seats 4

The ultimate personal minivan, this Dodge comes with a 3.6L V-6 engine. It features two wheelchair positions and is fully ADA compliant, which includes a manual ramp, Braun conversion and Altro non-slip flooring. The driver uses a manual foldout ramp to allow access to the vehicle. It is fair to say that the van has all the bells and whistles that a 2016 model brings to the table.

Although each Dodge handicap van for sale has rugged good looks and a number of attractive features, the intended use of the vehicle ultimately determines your best option. While a casino, hotel or senior center may favor the older model that seats more passengers, a family might opt for the 2003 van. When you truly want the best of both worlds, the 2016 model is an attractive choice. Contact us today to learn more about these vehicles and to schedule a visit to our showroom.

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Used Handicap Van in Kansas City: Good For Your Organization

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If you manage a religious organization or other type of club and you have members who need transportation as well as wheelchair access, then you should consider buying a used handicap van in Kansas City.

It is important to be able to provide all your members an opportunity to participate in your activities and events. It’s a great investment not only in a reliable and safe vehicle but in the people who will require this transportation. Why not show your members in wheelchairs that they are important to your cause and that you are ready, willing, and able to help them out?

A great example of this type of van is a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Handicap Minivan. This vehicle offers seating for five plus an additional wheelchair position, while also featuring a side entry, power ramp, kneeling system, and removable front seats. It will not only be safe for your passengers and has already been modified to fit your needs, but is a also a great investment.

If you are looking for a newer model handicap van, then you should consider the 2015 Dodge ADA Handicap Minivan. This vehicle boosts ADA compliance, Altro non-slip flooring, a manual ramp, folding second seat, Braun conversion, and backup alarm. It is not only in great condition and full of features, but with a 3.6 liter and V-6 engine, you’ll have plenty of power.

A used handicap van is a great investment for your club or organization. Not only will it provide transportation to your members, but can provide additional opportunities to those who thought participation wouldn’t be possible. If you want to learn more about these vans along with others, please contact us.

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