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Here’s Why Your Assisted Living Home Needs a Senior Living Activity Bus


  If you run an assisted living home, it is a smart idea to have a fleet of senior living activity buses on hand to transport the seniors to the various places that they need to go. These are a few reasons why a fleet of senior living activity buses can be beneficial for your assisted living [&hellip

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3 Braun Wheelchair Vans For Your Needs


  When you are in need of a wheelchair-accessible van, look no further than Mid America Coach. We provide several different options of Braun wheelchair vans for sale. These vans will give you peace of mind knowing that you have a proper system specifically designed to keep you or your loved one safe on the [&hellip

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Top 3 Reasons Why We Offer Nationwide Delivery


  Our customers appreciate that we offer nationwide delivery of shuttle buses. It makes doing business with us convenient, easy and quick. Yet behind this extraordinary benefit is a very serious set of reasons. 1. You Should Not Have to Pay More for Wheelchair Equipped Vehicles The connections we have made in the industry enable [&hellip

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Why We Like Harmar Scooter Lifts for Kansas City Customers


  Adaptive equipment for your vehicle must be durable, safe and come from a manufacturer with a solid reputation. This is why we like Harmar scooter lifts. Kansas City vehicle dealers already know that this company has carved out a reputation for being a leading manufacturer of mobility and accessibility products. What makes them stand [&hellip

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Top 4 Reasons to Buy Used Handicap Vans in Kansas City


  Why buy new when you can buy used? When you need to keep an eye on your budget, looking more closely at used handicap vans in Kansas City makes sense. 1. Get more bang for your buck. There is little doubt that a 1999 Dodge Ram Handicap Van is more affordable than a 2015 Dodge [&hellip

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Wheelchair Lift Repair: Kansas City Van and Bus Operators Decrease Vehicle Downtime


  Whether you are a casino operator with wheelchair minivans as courtesy shuttles or a correctional facility manager with a wheelchair shuttle bus for detainee transport, having your entire fleet operational is crucial for the smooth functioning of scheduled events. When you need a wheel chair lift repair, Kansas City van and bus operators entrust [&hellip

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Used Wheelchair Minivan in Kansas City: Get Help For Your Loved One!


  If you live in the Kansas City area and have a loved one who has recently been injured or seen their physical abilities diminished, you should consider purchasing a used wheelchair minivan. Mobility is a huge part of life, and when someone you know needs to get around from one place to another, a used [&hellip

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A Used Mini Bus Offers Perks for Your Casino


  Among the casinos of a city’s metropolitan area, one need clearly stands out: transporting guests to nearby venues. A used mini bus can be the budget-friendly solution to providing your guests with a value-added experience. Why Buy a Used Mini Bus? Nearby hotels welcome travelers who enjoy gambling at the local casinos. Ever since Missouri [&hellip

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Buy a Used Shuttle Bus to Increase Patient Satisfaction

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  Operating a private hospital, clinic or even a medical center with ties to the nearby university research hospital usually places your facility onto a sprawling campus. Plenty of hospital properties feature multiple buildings across a large expanse that is broken up by parking lots, small park-like settings and streets. This setup is frequently difficult [&hellip

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Why Your Resort Needs a Parking Lot Shuttle


  Your resort probably has a spacious parking lot to accommodate all of your business. Although you might love the fact that your parking lot has had to grow in order to accommodate all of your guests, you might know that it’s time to make a few changes. For example, investing in parking lot shuttles to transport patrons [&hellip

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