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Top 3 Amenities Senior Living Activity Buses to Facilities


  Assisted living communities and similar facilities rely on senior living activity buses for the transportation of clients. Usually, these vehicles take groups of participants to recreational outings. When you are in charge of purchasing these types of buses for your company, ensure that they have the top amenities your clients need. Space for wheelchair [&hellip

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How Hotel Shuttles Benefit Your Business


  Investing in hotel shuttles is an excellent way of enhancing the customer service of your business. Due to our new shuttle buses for sale, Kansas City hospitality industry insiders have the option to do so right now. Why Investing in a Shuttle Makes Sense The shuttle is an integral part of your service for [&hellip

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Do Not Buy Your Shuttle Bus Parts from a Junkyard!


  Every once in a while, something breaks on your vehicles. Whether you need replacement shuttle bus parts for wheel chair lifts, lights or back-up cameras, we keep these items in stock or can order them for a quick turn-around. While you do have the option of visiting a local junkyard to find needed pieces, [&hellip

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Top 3 New Shuttle Buses for 2016


  Start the New Year off right by adding new 2016 shuttle buses to your fleet of vehicles. Whether you operate a senior living facility, hotel, college or shuttle business, these vehicles are ideal as replacements for older models or additions to an overworked fleet. What are your options? 2016 StarCraft Passenger Shuttle Seating 29 [&hellip

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Top 5 Reasons to Save Money with a Honda Used Handicap Van


  Why buy a new Honda Braun wheelchair van for sale, when a Honda used handicap van offers savings and the amenities you would expect from a newer model? The 2013 model year in particular excels at incorporating plenty of creature comforts and great looks. When you are ready to save some money and get [&hellip

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Buy Used Shuttle Buses to Provide Transportation for Corporate Events


  Corporate event organizers know that transportation for attendees is a notoriously difficult problem to handle. Public transportation is not always a good solution for first-time visitors to the area. Venue-specific shuttles may be otherwise employed, and the expense associated with private transportation providers easily busts the budget. Investing in a few used shuttle buses [&hellip

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College Buses: Building A Shuttle Fleet


  Every year, colleges and universities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on charter company buses to move their students across campus and across town. Even the best charter companies can arrive on campus late, have breakdowns, and send a different driver for every trip. Building a fleet of college buses will save money, time, and frustration. [&hellip

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Nationwide Delivery of Detainee and Prisoner Transport Buses


Finding the right prison bus for your venue’s transportation needs can be a difficult undertaking. Unless you have a dealership nearby that specializes in the sale and maintenance of these vehicles, branching out to out-of-state retailers is a must. Since we offer nationwide delivery of our prison buses as well as of the other types [&hellip

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Add More Parking Lot Shuttles to Serve Partygoers


  If you are in the hospitality industry, consider the addition of new parking lot shuttles during the holiday season. More and more companies are now hosting end-of-the-year mini conferences and scheduling holiday parties. Remember that these parties do not only take place in December but also in January, when businesses seek to take advantage [&hellip

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When You Donate a New Wheelchair Minivan, Kansas City Charities Win


  Plenty of charities in Kansas City cater to the elderly as well as those convalescing. These groups rely on donations to keep their doors open and programs funded. One of the needs that are rarely met via a donation is the means for reliable transportation of those clients who are wheelchair bound. With our [&hellip

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