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Wheelchair Van for Sale: How to Choose a Model that is Right for You

mid america coach

  There is more to buying a handicap minivan than simply visiting your local dealership and then picking from the rows upon rows of vehicles the one wheelchair van for sale that strikes your fancy. Instead, functionality is usually the first concern. Even there, specialized needs, tastes, and preferences can make model selection tricky. It [&hellip

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Used Wheelchair Minivans in Kansas City Make Great Gifts of Mobility for Moms

wheelchair vans mobility for seniors

  If getting around is difficult for mom without her wheelchair, taking her out for Mother’s Day is next to impossible without a handicap van. When the costs of the new models prove to be prohibitive, why not take a closer look at our used wheelchair minivans in Kansas City. 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Handicap [&hellip

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What Every Facility Manager Should Know About Senior Living Activity Buses

senior living activity buses

  Are you on the fence about adding senior living activity buses to your amenities? Perhaps you consider that the availability of onsite classes and activities is sufficient to suit residents. Then again, you may figure that folks who really want to go offsite to visit craft fairs, movie theaters or special events could do [&hellip

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Add New Ford Shuttle Buses in Time for Local Earth Day Events


  Earth Day is right around the corner. When you are in the convention, guest transportation or hospitality industries, it makes sense to inspect your fleet of shuttle buses now to ensure that you have enough transportation for visitors. Of course, you do not have to wait for Earth Day to upgrade your fleet. What [&hellip

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A Sum of Its Parts: Bus Information Detailing the Ford E-450 Series


  Did you know that the Ford E-Series has been steadily in production since 1961? Back in the day, the car maker intended the vehicle to become an integral part of America’s growing recreational industry. Over the decades, there has been a change in the look of some parts; bus models in the fourth generation [&hellip

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Campus Ministry Needs a Used Mini Bus

used mini bus for campus ministry

  Many a campus minister knows that transportation to conferences, outreach events and team-building outings is a hurdle for some congregants. While the church advocates a lifestyle that embraces sacrifice, which frequently includes the decision to sell a car, its funds are limited when it comes to providing transportation to events. A used mini bus [&hellip

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Choosing a Braun Wheelchair Van for Sale at Our Dealership


  BraunAbility is a respected name among accessibility experts. The company traces its roots to its founder’s personal need for assistive technology. In business for more than four decades, this company is at the forefront of the innovations that allow wheelchair passengers to ride in a broad range of vehicles. Check out a Braun wheelchair [&hellip

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We Offer Nationwide Delivery of Your New Limo Bus


  The limo bus has gotten a reputation for being a party vehicle. Yet rather than dazzling you with funky colors and loud music, we offer nationwide delivery of your next vehicle. And it does not always have to be used as a party bus. Entrepreneurs in certain niches have discovered this vehicle option for [&hellip

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Dodge Handicap Van for Sale: Features, Styles and Good Looks


  Researching a Dodge handicap van for sale does not always begin with the manufacturing date. In fact, sometimes it is the combination of features that attracts you to a certain vehicle. 1999 Dodge Ram Handicap Van: Seats 7 With two wheelchair positions, this van offers comfortable seating for seven additional passengers. It is an ideal [&hellip

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Used Handicap Van in Kansas City: Good For Your Organization


  If you manage a religious organization or other type of club and you have members who need transportation as well as wheelchair access, then you should consider buying a used handicap van in Kansas City. It is important to be able to provide all your members an opportunity to participate in your activities and events. It’s a [&hellip

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