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A Sum of Its Parts: Bus Information Detailing the Ford E-450 Series

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Did you know that the Ford E-Series has been steadily in production since 1961? Back in the day, the car maker intended the vehicle to become an integral part of America’s growing recreational industry. Over the decades, there has been a change in the look of some parts; bus models in the fourth generation of the E-Series share plenty of commonalities with Ford Trucks, while others are giving way to largely commercial use outfitting.

Cases in point are examples from our used shuttle bus inventory.

  • 2006 Ford Goshen 25-passenger bus. This stylish vehicle features a 6.8L V-10 gasoline engine. A white exterior complements the blue cloth fabric seats. Four-wheel anti-lock power brakes ensure safety while a chrome front bumper and grill gives the shuttle a bit of pizzazz. Treat it with a vinyl graphics and lettering job on the exterior to brand a casino or hotel.
  • 2002 Ford Goshen 21-passenger shuttle bus. This vehicle operates with a 7.3L diesel engine. Also equipped with anti-lock power brakes, it boasts stainless steel wheel inserts and a stylish blue stripe along the side. This excellent workhorse is ideal for use on a college campus during student orientations and other events requiring shuttle transports to and from parking facilities.
  • 2000 Ford Turtle Top handicap bus. Seating 12 passengers and accommodating four wheelchair riders, this is a must-have vehicle for a senior living facility or inclusive daycare venue. The shuttle uses a 6.8L V-10 gasoline engine, displays a digital destination sign and comes fully equipped with a safety package.

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